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Unjust laws in the world

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard of some laws that just don’t seem very unjust to you. Well, you weren’t mistaken; such laws exist all over the world, and people are even questioning themselves whether the unjust laws were laws at all. And if you think that they only exist in third world countries, you’d be wrong. Some of them are in effect in first world countries.


Well, the first country that comes to mind when referring to unjust laws is Saudi Arabia. This country has some of the most ruthless laws that would be considered by most of the world, as well as some people in Saudi Arabia as well. This country still follows Sharia law, which states that women can’t drive cars or vote, it is illegal to celebrate any non-Muslim holiday, it is illegal to be homosexual, etc.

PatriotActisBack061913The United States of America is also high on the list of countries that have a large number of unjust laws. It is a country on South that until recently had Segregation laws, which denied black people from going to college, going to whites-only cafes, and riding the busses. However, those times are long gone, but there still is a huge number of unjust laws. For example, the lobbying laws, that allows certain industries to give money to US Congressmen, but only if the amount is lower than 1.4 million US dollars. Also, after the events of September 11, Congress passed the Patriot Act, which even violates the Bill of Rights, and allows the government to spy on its own people, and keep them in custody without accusing them of a crime.

And if you thought that Europe is a perfect continent with perfect laws than only help its people, you’d be mistaken. For example, the European Union can forbid a nation-member to produce any product, if another nation-member already produces it. Some people claim that thanks to that, any larger EU member can bully a smaller member state and take from it the profit it would have made on that product.

15OBOX1-articleLargeThe Far East is no different. China’s famous one child policy is hugely unjust, as about 36 percent of Chinese citizens are restricted to have more than one child, due to overpopulation problem that this country is facing. Japan is one of the greatest world economies, and has laws that protect the nuclear industry, which enraged people after the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident. That is why some call the laws unjust, as they keep the nuclear industry from answering for their mistakes.

Unjust laws are part of our legal systems, and are probably there to stay. People often question themselves whether they should obey those laws. One of them was Martin Luter King, who openly called upon people to oppose the laws that were morally wrong. However, those laws may seem unfair, but they are a part of our legal system, and following law is one of the leading principles of a modern human society.

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